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Cheremisinov Georgiy Aleksandrovich, Doctor of economic sciences, professor, sub-department of economics and national economy, Saratov State University (83 Astrakhanskaya street, Saratov, Russia), E-mail:
Pugachev Il'ya Olegovich, Candidate of economic sciences, independent expert (Saratov, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The article is devoted to the study of theoretical and methodological aspects of macroeconomic interpretation of the concept of state entrepreneurship.The originality of the scientific approach is an attempt to show the vector of evolution of the most reasonable and recognized concept of entrepreneurship by J. Schumpeter.
Materials and methods. The scientific hypothesis of the study suggests the presence of substantial elements of state entrepreneurship: the definition of goals (obtaining benefits, maximizing the size of available economic resources), innovation, regulation of economic activity in their own interests, regulation of market competition, transformation of economic and social structures, forming of macroeconomic conjuncture.
Results. It is established that the behavior of the state apparatus as an economic entity is explained by the concept of state entrepreneurship, which determines the complex of economic relations associated with the use and replenishment of state property in order to expand the reproduction of controlled economic resources. State entrepreneurship combines the functions of regulation and management.
Conclusions. The study of the interpretation of the concept of state entrepreneurship showed that it characterizes relations of subjects of all macroeconomic levels: household, private business, the government and the international economy. 

Key words

state entrepreneurship, macroeconomic interpretation, evolution of the concept of entrepreneurship by J. Schumpeter 

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